Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sugar Scrubs

Vy's Herb Garden has Sugar Scrubs that smell good enough to eat. And because there are no preservatives or chemicals, you actually could. Oh but I don't suggest that. These scrumptious scrubs are made with raw sugars, sea salt and mineral oil. The Vanilla n Chocolate scrub is made with vanilla bean and cocoa. Just add milk? The Sweet n Spicy scrub has cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg for a spicy scent. Think pumpkin pie. Lemons n Limes has lemon peel and lime peel added for extra scrub power and it wakes you up too. These scrubs come packaged in a white plastic 8 oz jar with a twist on black lid. Vys's Sugar Scrubs use sugars and sea salt to exfoliate your skin and the mineral oil leaves you with a healthy glow that will stay with you all day. Summer tops are just around the corner so its time to shine up those arms, shoulders, shins, and backs for the sun.